Some believe that all happened quite lucky...

They are right, because many of them are incredibly lucky using Eurowebcart CMS.

Easy install - Installation is 10 sec
Popular frameworks included -  All you needs and much much more!
Tonns of setting - More then 500 parameters for your creativity
Geotag - Google Maps support in all modules

Some infinitely choose between popular CMS, and never can stop the selection process...

They are right, because there is no limit to perfection.

HTML Skining - Responsive design, 100% mobile support
100% Open Source - Tested by Hackers, no XSS, no SQL injecting
Multilanguage Content & Multilanguage Product Bases - Make your own Language Pack
Import - Export inc. CSV XML XLS TXT MySQL tables - Including URL support

Others believe that luck - is when you're in the right place at the right time.

And here  YOU ARE EXACTLY in the right place - IT'S THE TIME TO START WORKING WITH EWC, because ...

Tonns of included modules: Forum, HTML5 media, Gallery, Chat. Online Op`s, Documents, Frame animaton, Carousels, Calendars etc. All you needs and much much more!
CRM & ECS - Manage you business online

Its Perfect, FREE, Opensource but not so famous!

Up to Items on average hosting (not VDS - VPS) - May include huge database!

No MySQL needed due to indexing file database with caching and optimized structure like SQLight but more effective

Just download, upload installer and CMS archives to your webserver with PHP support, run install.php, select preffered language, install it and start using it!
Requirements: PHP5.0-5.4, (IIS 5+ or Apache 1.03+) MySQL: you can switch this S**t OFF
Platform: Unix, WindowsNT

See demos if you are still not so lucky: http://www.eurowebcart.ru/index.php?page=demo&flag=eng