Arduino project by Pavel Bandaletov

STM32 (F103) Simon Say Game

Simple toy with 4 LED + 4 Tactile push buttons + 1 Buzzer
3 levels + Kids Piano to Play full mario music

1. When start game is on 1 level for youngest kids. To win you need to repeat only 4 notes

2. To switch to level 2 (8 notes) - press and hold #2 and push reset, wait mario song, then release button. To win you need to repeat 8 notes.

3. To switch to level 3 (99 notes for genius) -  press and hold button #3 and then push reset, wait mario underworld song, then release button. On this level to win you need to repeat 99 notes. You may see your position at fleshlight. RED - 4 notes RED+YELLOW - 8 notes, RED+YELLOW+GREEN - 12 notes, ALL LEDS FLASHES - more then 16 notes. Check memory of your personal!

4. To switch to level 4 (Mario piano song) -  press and hold button #4 and then push reset, wait led lights, then release button. You can play mario song!


RED Led to A5
YELLOW Led  to A4
GREEN Led to A1
BLUE Led to A3

Button #1 to B1 (for red button)
Button #2 to A7 (for yellow button)
Button #3 to A6 (for green button)
Button #4 to A2 (for blue button)

Buzzer to A0


Download .ino project

AY-3-8912 DIY Pleer (PSG)

Download sketch for Arduino IDE with PSG files TF card structure

Requirements: Arduino NANO or compatible + AY-3-8912 chip + resistors + capacitors + 2 analog buttonts to A4 for NEXT / PREV / SKIP DIR


LCD KeyPad Shield + L-Menu System by Pavel Bandaletov

Requirements: Arduino Uno R3 / Mega256 or compatible, Arduino IDE, DFRobot LCD keypad shield or LCD1602/2004 LCD display with analogue keypad buttons (or separately)

Technical Specification:

800bytes RAM (20% of UNO R3) / 16Kb ROM (52% of UNO R3)

Menu sub levels - NO LIMITS
Functions on each item - YES
Modal functions outside menu - YES no limits
InMenu functions - YES no limits
Background function (one function used for Volume level) - YES
Universal functions for all kinds - YES
You can specify function, parameters, max, min values and step
Key analogue antilag - YES
Sublevels no limits - YES
Scrollable Long ites - YES
Navigation scrol bar - YES

VERY CUSTOMISABLE/ Minimal processing STDIN delay. No lags, no clear screen. Very fast working.

Download ino file for ARDUINO IDE:

VERSION 1.0 for UNO (LCD Keypad only)

Alternative link:

License - Free for personal use

VERSION 2.0 for MEGA (UNO no Tone Buzzer) (LCD Keypad + SoftPWM Led control + Buzzer + Encoder)

Alternative link:

License - Free for personal use

Project Video / Creating L-Menu System


Часть 1. ПО-РУССКИ

Часть 2 / Part 2

RobotDyn UNO R3 + L-Menu + SoftPWM (A1-A5) + 5LED + DHT11

Часть 3 / Part 3

Mega256 + оригинальный шит DFRobot LCD Keypad + L-Menu + SoftPWM (A1-A5) + 5LED + Bonus

Часть 4 / Part 4

Mega256 + оригинальный шит DFRobot LCD Keypad + L-Menu + SoftPWM (A1-A5) + 5LED + Encoder + Tone Buzzer + Mario bonus!

Часть 5 / Part 5

Добавлена подпрограмма установки времени и безлимитного количества будильников

Часть 6 / Part 6

Улучшена программа установки времени и будильников. Добавлена программа ввода текста (для паролей к примеру)

Часть 7 / Part 7

Оптимизация памяти, ошибок, вырезаны лишние функции, добавлен популярный I2C модуль часов RTC DS3231 на A4 и A5 пины, для совместимости с UNO / NANO пришлось ограничится 3-мя светодиодами управляемыми SoftPWM (Софтверный ШИМ)

В планах подключение экрана по I2C, SoftPWM по I2C и компиляция для NANO.

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